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Yoga Teacher
Training (YTT)

Yoga is a personal journey. Why should your training be any different?

The Train 108 yoga teacher training diploma is the solid foundation you need to follow your unique path for both your own practice and teaching.

**Now enrolling for September 2024**

Stand out from the crowd with Train 108

It’s common for people to finish teacher training and not feel confident to teach. Our trainers will enable you to be a teacher from day one. With decades of combined experience you will get personal support to find your niche and be your most authentic, awesome self... as a yoga teacher!

Face to face training supplemented with online resources.

Face to face contact to support and nurture your learning journey. Online resources so you can follow up at your own pace and complete course work around your schedule.

Weekend sessions that accommodate personal commitments.

The face to face training takes place on weekend afternoons. That means mornings are free for your personal practice, family or other commitments.

Train at a movement studio... with the opportunity to teach.

 Assist and observe yoga classes and get actual teaching experience while on the course through our donation-based community class.

Small group classes, not a yoga teacher factory.

Small group format means you get personal attention and support which fosters strong relationships with like-minded people.

Trainers have an ABUNDANCE of experience.

With literally decades of yoga practice and experience across education, health & fitness, charity and corporate sectors. The tutors have trained dozens of people to be yoga teachers, Tai Chi instructors and personal trainers.

Filling the gaps in other teacher trainings

Many teacher trainings don't cover hands on adjustments for poses. Two of your trainers are soft tissue therapists and will help you to become confident using touch in your teaching in an informed way.

Yoga Teacher Training

Following your yoga path to deepen your practice and possibly even teach can seem both intuitive and daunting.  You need to resonate with and trust the people who are investing in you (after all, you are investing in yourself!).

Train 108 respects and welcomes diversity. We don't look for 'a type'. Because what makes you an awesome yoga teacher... is YOU.

**Now enrolling for September 2024**

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What our students say about us

We will do our best to ensure your experience is one to remember for all the right reasons.

"The course feels dynamic, inspiring and accessible. There’s a huge amount of content but I've been surprised at how digestible and fun it feels. Especially because it’s easy to recap what was taught in class by viewing the videos, links and PDFs in the online student portal."

Kim Haskins

"Despite having no previous knowledge of anatomy and yoga philosophy and being a mature student, I have found Tom’s style of teaching engaging and fun. He draws people into discussion and makes it a group learning experience where no one feels silly asking questions."

Sarah Harnan

“Olena makes every class a lesson and a challenge. The lesson is not to push yourself beyond your limits, the challenge is to find your limit. Every class is special and a privilege to be in.”

Terry Connolly

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