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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is a spiritual tradition of self-realisation that originated in India and has been practiced for centuries. A 200 hour or diploma course will give you the basic building blocks for teaching an asana (posture) focused class. More importantly, the course should ignite your curiosity to deepen your personal practice and learning. Yoga is experiential. The best yoga teachers (not always the most well known), are the ones who teach from personal experience and understanding, which continues to evolve over a life time.

The Train 108 yoga teacher training is movement focused. We do that for a reason. It’s what brings the majority of people to a yoga class. Our job is to make you a competent and confident teacher with a solid foundation in movement and anatomy so that people keep coming back to your class. Then through your unique teaching voice you can introduce more elements of yoga.

The diploma in teaching yoga is delivered by senior teachers and specialists who have a wide range of movement and body therapy experience. The training is delivered in partnership with akarmalife studios where you get access to a variety of teaching and yoga styles plus actual teaching experience of real, live classes.

The anatomy and asana focus isn’t to the exclusion of the other ‘limbs’ of yoga. The course also covers an introduction to the philosophy of yoga, meditation and pranayama so that you feel comfortable incorporating them into a class in a way that is accessible and meaningful. The main text for the course is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (The Eight Limbs of Yoga) and we’ll look at its place in the cosmology of Indian philosophy and how this pertains to a modern yoga practice.

We feel it is essential and respectful to honour the cultural origins of yoga. We welcome current conversations of inclusion and cultural awareness and encourage self-reflection and open conversations. It is possible for yoga to be movement focused and remain a practice for self-realisation.

If you are curious and ready for a new challenge, join us in September 2024. Book your discovery call now or read more here.

Your Investment

Train 108 is investing in you 100%, that is our commitment.  Are you ready to invest in you and commit to a potential life-changing journey?

The financial investment of the Yoga Teacher Diploma course is £1749 inclusive of face to face training, online resources, manuals and first sit assessments. If you are ready to commit or would like to explore it further in a discovery call, click the button below.


Meet Your Trainers


Tom Davies

"With over a decade of teaching experience, I’ve helped hundreds of students complete industry recognised qualifications"

More about Tom

Olena Baker

'My real love is meditation and I use yoga nidra as a practice of self-inquiry."

More about Olena

Stuart McCabe

"Don’t get caught up in the perfect pose mindset. That’s not what yoga is."

More about Stuart

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